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A native of Connecticut, the Military Service brought me to California, where I attended the University of California at Davis, earning a B.S. in Atmospheric Science.  I began my weather career in the mid 1980’s.  After several long winters in the Northeast, I headed south to begin my career as a Senior Radio Broadcast Meteorologist for The Weather Channel Radio Network.  I spent over two decades doing mornings, afternoons, and overnights.  I have forecasted the weather for every area of the country.  Over the last 25 years, I have been heard in every state in the lower 48, from New York to LA, Seattle to Atlanta, and places outside the U.S. from Halifax, Nova Scotia to San Juan, Puerto Rico.   Along with my early morning chats on America in the Morning and the USA Today Weather Page, it was estimated that my weather forecasts were heard on as many stations as Paul Harvey.

From the Northeast winters, to the California fog, to the severe storms of the South, my head is always in the weather, not only in search of what is going to happen, but why!   The passion lives on, and through the magic of modern technology and the internet, I look forward to sharing this passion with you.

You can reach me at Wild Bill’s Weather

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