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above normal rainfall, no disasters

November 05, 2015

A few pictures tell the story.

The layered clouds indicate strengthening mid level winds in the pre-storm environment.

November 01,  2015November 01, 2015sentinel_Dome_1-1436

November 03,  2015     The storm clouds swirl then clear.November 03, 2015halfsentineldome1251p

November 04, 2015   California is quite excited about their early snow.November 04, 2015halfsentineldome1346p

November 01, 2015     Again, before the storm November 01, 2015yosemiteFalls1-1346

November 03, 2015   And then after, … runoff. California’s new liquid gold.November 03, 2015yosemiteFalls1-1346Thanks to the Yosemite Conservancy for their many windows into this extraordinary park.

Rainfall in Yosemite Valley was 3.37  in October, and 2.57 the 1st 4 days of November, that  is  5.94 in 5 weeks.

Normal for the period is near 2.72, …so above normal rainfall in California where they need it and no disasters.  Enjoy it! But don’t get used to it. No disasters that is. The real rainy season hasn’t even started yet.

Despite a wintry scene from 7500 feet looking across the high Sierra, no snow accumulation visible at 4000 feet in the valley.

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