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Severe hail producing Texas thunderstorms

April 06, 2019  Radar presentation of severe hail producing Texas thunderstorms

Saturday April 06, 2019Houston (HGX ) 5:27pm CDT (22:27 UTC )

The precipitation frame on left shows thunderstorms with deep red and purple shading. This indicates large hail.  The frame to the right shows green/red couplets.  This indicates rotation.  Tornado Warnings were issued for several storms, but the story of the day appears to have been large hail.  Check some of the reports below.

Saturday April 06, 2019Houston (HGX ) 5:49pm CDT (22:49 UTC )

Saturday April 06, 2019Houston (HGX ) 6:26pm CDT (2326 UTC )

Day 2 Convective Outlook from Friday

Severe reports for Saturday mapped by SPC sitting beside some rather large hail reports including a listing of 450 at 2310UTC at Grapeland Texas.  The figure 450 is equal to 4 1/2 inches, or softball size hail.

more active weather in the days ahead, stay alert

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