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Convective Outlooks foreshadow a stormy weekend.

April 05, 2019 Convective Outlooks foreshadow a stormy weekend.

2 Day convective outlook for Saturday April 06, 2019

3 Day convective outlook for Sunday April 07, 2019


You will need to check back with SPC over the weekend.  These outlooks will be revised and updated several times a day through the weekend event. On Saturday, the Day 2 outlook becomes Day1, and the Day3 outlook will become Day 2. If you reside in the yellow shaded areas for either Saturday and Sunday,  you need to monitor weather conditions with a heighten sense of awareness.  Damaging thunderstorms may produce straight line winds, large hail, and even a tornado.

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NWS, …https://www.weather.gov/

Radar, …https://www.weather.gov/Radar

I will make an effort to update during the weekend as greatest risk areas become more defined.

Wild Bill